Sunday, November 10, 2013

When you cannot connect to the networker server by NMC

When you cannot connect to the networker server by NMC

Check from putty if the networker services are running on server by nsradmin command. If you get following error then services are not running.
bash-3.00$ nsradmin
39078:nsradmin: RPC error: Program not registered
There does not appear to be a NetWorker server running on

By rpcinfo you might see nsrexec service running but for networker server nsrmm, nsrindexd like many services starting with nsr should display. It is not then networker is not running.
Also if you run nsrwatch –s <server name> you will see following error.
*** Server XXXXXX is unavailable: Program not registered
You need to also add this when you send email. And most important thing when you see this not only you need to send email but also call oncall and inform him. If he did not receive call then leave VM.

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  1. Thanks man.
    "nsrwatch –s [server name]" saved the day for me :)


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