Thursday, November 21, 2013

What is EMC Networker : Just Short Over View :

What is EMC Networker : Just Short Over View :


The EMC® NetWorker® product is a suite of storage management software that

provides backup, recovery, and other services to computers with a wide variety of

operating systems and data types.

The NetWorker product has five major components:

·         NetWorker client

·         NetWorker storage node

·         NetWorker server

·         NetWorker Management Console

·         NetWorker License Manager


NetWorker client:

The NetWorker client software communicates with the NetWorker server and

provides recover and ad hoc (manual) backup functionality. The NetWorker client

software is installed on all computers that are backed up to the NetWorker server.



NetWorker storage node

Data can be backed up directly to devices that are attached to a NetWorker server, or

to a NetWorker storage node. A storage node controls storage devices such as tape

drivers, autochangers, and silos.



NetWorker server

The NetWorker server software provides control and scheduling for NetWorker

operations. It enables you to:


·         Enter the enabler licenses for the NetWorker server and all the functions the

NetWorker server controls, such as autochanger modules, additional client

connections, and ClientPak licenses.

·         Define the clients, devices, and media that the NetWorker server controls.

·         Define the schedules for backups and other operations.

·         Monitor the results of backups and other operations.

·         Manage the client file indexes that track each client’s data.

·         Manage the media database that tracks the data contained on each volume.



NetWorker Management Console

All NetWorker servers and clients are managed from the NetWorker Management

Console. The Console replaces the NetWorker Administration program (nwadmin)

which is no longer available.


The Console provides reporting, managing, and monitoring capabilities for all

NetWorker servers and clients. Multiple users can access the Console server

concurrently from different browser sessions.


NetWorker License Manager

The NetWorker License Manager provides a central location for managing the

licenses of all the NetWorker clients and servers.


Instead of managing licenses

separately, all NetWorker licenses can be maintained from a single computer.

Installation of the NetWorker License Manager software is an option when installing

the NetWorker software.

Note : Tomorrow we will check how it will install on diffrent OS.


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