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NetWorker Server and Client Upgrade


Do we have to uninstall the older version of NetWorker first?
Download Software:
Obtain the latest NetWorker software, and documentation from at the following location:
Home > Support > Software Downloads and Licensing > Downloads J-O > NetWorker
Support > Technical Documentation and Advisories > Software ~ J-O ~ Documentation > NetWorker Family
1) Backup the NetWorker User Configuration File
Make a copy of the 'networkr.cfg' file, if local directives are created in the NetWorker User application.
It is located at %SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings\User_name\Application Data\Legato.
If the networkr.cfg file does not exist, local directives were not created using NetWorker User.
2) Pre-Installation Considerations for Windows Operating Systems
a) A misconfigured loopback entry in the hosts file can cause backups to fail. The entry SHOULD be as follows:
  • IPv6 localhost entry: ::1 localhost loopback
  • IPv4 localhost entry: localhost loopback
b) When modifying the hosts file, make sure that the first alias for the ip address of the NetWorker server, matches exactly with the name defined for the client resource of the NetWorker server.
c) Tune TCP settings esg60759. Reboot to apply changes.
d) Configure the Antivirus software to avoid scanning files which are opened for backup. Configuration steps varies for Norton, McAfee etc.
e) Java (JRE) is no longer shipped with NetWorker. Install a compatible version depending on version of NetWorker.
  • Java 7 is supported with NetWorker 7.6 SP3.
  • For NW 7.6.x, install NW cumulative Build 681 if JRE 6 Update 27 (JRE 1.6.0_27) or JRE 7 is installed.
  • For NW 7.5.x. install NW cumulative Build 671 if JRE 6 Update 27 (JRE 1.6.0_27) or JRE 7 is installed.
  • Else use JRE 6 Update 26 or lower.
3) NetWorker 7.6.x Interoperability Considerations
It is recommended that the NetWorker client version be the same as the NetWorker server. However, a NetWorker 7.6.x server supports NetWorker 7.4.x and later clients.
NetWorker servers earlier than version 7.6.x do not support 7.6.x NetWorker storage nodes. Ensure that the NetWorker server is updated to 7.6.x before updating any storage nodes to NetWorker 7.6.x.
4) Licensing Requirements and Changes
For NetWorker 7.6 and later, the installation process detects if a previous version of the NetWorker software is installed. If an upgrade is performed from a version of NetWorker earlier than 7.5.x, the update enabler code is automatically added.
An update enabler code is not generated, or required when upgrading from 7.5.x to NetWorker 7.6.x.
The update enabler code must be authorized within 45 days or the server will be disabled.
5) NetWorker Catalog Consistency Checking and Bootstrap Backup
a) Ensure that the NetWorker catalog is consistent by running the following commands:
# nsrim -X
# nsrck -m
# nsrck -L6
b) To save only the indexes and bootstrap information, type this command:
# savegrp -O -G <group>
where group is the name of the group containing the client(s). Ensure that all clients are included in the group or groups that are backed up.
c) Record the latest bootstrap save set ID (ssid) including the file, record numbers, and the associated volume label, type this command:
# mminfo -B
Date time level ssid file record volume
10/23/08 17:30:13 full 4 144032998 0 0 test
6) Uninstall NetWorker on Windows
a) When there are no backups and recoveries running, log on to Windows as Administrator, and from the Control Panel select Add or Remove Programs.
b) Select NetWorker from the list of installed programs, and click Change.
c) In the Welcome to NetWorker Maintenance screen, click Next.In the Maintenance Type window, select Remove then click Next.
d) In the Ready to Remove window, do not select Remove NetWorker Metadata.
If NetWorker Management Console is installed on this system it will be removed as well. Note the NetWorker Management Console database will not be removed.
e) Click Remove.In the NetWorker Setup Complete window, click Finish.
f) Remove the NetWorker Management Console shortcut icon from the desktop. Uninstalling the NetWorker software does not remove the NetWorker Management Console shortcut icon from the desktop, it must be removed manually.
The NetWorker software did not support direct upgrade, which means the previous installed version must be removed before the new version can be installed.
However NetWorker 7.6.3 package provides an option 'Upgrade', and so a manual uninstallation of the older version is not required.
7) Install the NetWorker Server 7.6.x on Windows
a) Double-click the downloaded zip file to open Windows extraction wizard, and click Next to Extract.
b) Double-click the unzipped folder to execute autorun.exe.
c) Follow the wizard, choose Server and Client, and location to install and click Next to continue.
d) When the Available Servers list box appears, if the NetWorker server is not listed, click Update List or type the hostname of the NetWorker in the Enter a server name text box and click Add.
When updating to NetWorker release 7.6 and later from NetWorker release 7.3 or earlier, there is no way to revert to a previous release of the NetWorker software. It is a one-way conversion as the client file indexes are automatically reorganized into new directory structures.
However, upgrades from NetWorker release 7.3.x or later can be downgraded back to the same release.

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