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Networker installation on Linux OS:

To access the installation software from the website:


1.      Log in with administrator privileges where the NetWorker software is being



2.      Create a temporary folder to download and extract the evaluation software.


3.     Go to the website, select Support > Downloads and

Patches > Downloads D-R > NetWorker.


4.      Download the evaluation software to the temporary folder and change to that



5.      5. Extract the downloaded file.


By default, the NetWorker software is installed in the /usr directory; however, the Software can be installed in a different directory. If you have insufficient disk space On the /usr partition, choose another location to install the software.


Networker installation on Linux OS:

Note: The NetWorker software uses the rpm utility for installation. To install the NetWorker software on the computer designated as the NetWorker

To install the client node software:


1.      Log in to the NetWorker Linux client.


2.      Change to the directory containing the NetWorker software.


3.      Type the appropriate command:


         For Itanium:

rpm -ivh lgtoclnt-7.4-1.ia64.rpm


         For Intel x86:

rpm -ivh lgtoclnt-7.4-1.x86.rpm

Storage node installation:


On the computers designated as storage nodes, install the NetWorker client and storage node software. The storage node package must be installed on the NetWorker server, regardless of whether separate systems are used as designated storage nodes.


To install the storage node software:


1.      Change to the directory containing the NetWorker software.


2.      Type this command to install the client and storage node packages:


• For Itanium:

rpm -ivh lgtoclnt-7.4-1.ia64.rpm lgtonode-7.4-1.ia64.rpm


• For Intel for x86:

rpm -ivh lgtoclnt-7.4-1.x86.rpm lgtonode-7.4-1.x86.rpm

To install the Server software:


On the computer designated as the NetWorker server, install all the NetWorker software packages in the following order:



Storage node,



The NetWorker License Manager software can be installed at any point in this sequence after the client package is installed.

1.      Change to the directory containing the NetWorker software.


2.      Type the appropriate commands to install the client, storage node, server, and NetWorker

License Manager software:


For Itanium:


rpm -ivh   lgtoclnt-7.4-1.ia64.rpm

rpm -ivh   lgtonode-7.4-1.ia64.rpm

rpm –ivh  lgtoserv-7.4-1.ia64.rpm

rpm -ivh   lgtolicm-7.4-1.ia64.rpm


For Intel for x86:


rpm -ivh lgtoclnt-7.4-1.x86.rpm

rpm -ivh lgtonode-7.4-1.x86.rpm

rpm -ivh lgtoserv-7.4-1.x86.rpm

rpm -ivh lgtolicm-7.4-1.x86.rpm


Note: Installing the NetWorker License Manager software is optional. It can be installed any time after the client software.


The NetWorker software installation modifies these system files during installation. To keep a copy of the current configuration, save the following original files:

(cp –p “below file name”   “New name”)






The following files are added during the installation process:






Console software:

To manage the NetWorker server, install the NetWorker Console and client software on one machine in the datazone.


Note: NetWorker Management Console server software is supported on the Linux x 86  

platforms. The NetWorker Management Console server software is not supported on the Linux Itanium platform.


To install NetWorker software on the computer that is designated as the NetWorker Console




1.      Download and install JRE version 1.5.0_11.


         Remove the following Mozilla file from /usr/lib/mozilla-1.7.12/plugins.


         Create a symbolic link within the Mozilla plugins directory to the


         file. For example:

ln -s /usr/local/jre1.5.0_11/plugin/i386/ns7/


2.      If the NetWorker software has been downloaded from the web:


         Type the following command to verify that execute permissions are applied to the JRE


         File. For example: chmod +x j2re-1_5_0_11linux-i586.bin


         Change to the directory where the JRE is to be installed.


         Run this executable: j2re-1_5_0_09-linux-i586.bin


          Accept the Java licensing agreement.


3.      Change to the directory containing the NetWorker software.


4.      Type this command to install the NetWorker client software, if not already installed:

rpm -ivh lgtoclnt-7.4-1.x86.rpm


5.      Start the NetWorker daemons, if not already started.


6.     To install the NetWorker Console software, type: rpm -ivh lgtonmc-7.4-1.x86.rpm

By default, the software is installed in /opt.

7.     Run this configuration script: /opt/lgtonmc/bin/nmc_config


8.      Follow the prompts to install the software. For example:



         For the web server port number, use the default IP port number (9000) or use a custom


         IP port number. Valid IP port numbers are between 1024 and 49151.


         For the NetWorker Console server, use the default IP port number (9001) or use a

custom IP port number. Valid IP port numbers are between 1024 and 49151.


Note: Do not use IP port numbers that are already in use. Port 2638 is reserved by the NetWorker Console software by using the Tabular Data Stream (TDS) protocol to communicate with the database. Port 9002 is the preferred port for EMC Backup Advisor product.


9.      Start the NetWorker Console daemons if not already started:

/etc/init.d/gst start


         The NetWorker Console daemons include the following:






10.  For Red Hat Enterprise Server 4 only, from the client machine with more than one JRE installed, you may want to reconfigure the usage of the JRE as follows:


·         Run the Java Web Start application named javaws. This application is located in the

same directory where the JRE 1.5.0_06 software was installed.


·         From the Java Application Runtime Settings window:


·         Check the JRE 1.4.2_11 version software. This forces the Java Web Start application to use JRE version 1.4.2_11 to run applications.


·         Uncheck the other versions of the JRE software, for example JRE version 1.5.0_06.


·         Start the NetWorker Console server. The Console launch page appears.

·         Specify that you want to run the Console using the Java Web Start version 1.5 software. You must type the path to the Java Web Start executable.


Note: There are two libraries, and (open motiff lib), that are required on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and 5 to launch the nwrecover program. By default, these libraries are not part of the operating system.



11.  If the Console server and the NetWorker server are installed on separate host, you must add the Console administrator to the administrator lists of the monitored NetWorker server. This enables the Console administrator to administer and monitor the target NetWorker server.


On the NetWorker server:


·         Specify the process owner of the Console daemon process depending on which host contains the Console server:


– If on a Microsoft Windows host, type:

nsraddadmin -u "user=SYSTEM, host=console_host"


– If on a AIX, HP-UX, Linux or Solaris only host, type:

nsraddadmin -u "user=root, host=console_host"


·         Specify the Console administrator user:


nsraddadmin -u "user=administrator, host=console_host"


The NetWorker daemons must be started after the installation procedure:


1. Type this command to start the NetWorker daemons:

·         /etc/init.d/networker start


2. Type this command to determine if the NetWorker daemons are started:

·         ps -ef | grep nsr


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