Friday, November 8, 2013

EMC History

EMC, founded in 1979 by Richard Egan and Roger Marino (the E and M in EMC),[16] introduced its first 64-kilobyte memory boards for the Prime Computer in 1981[17][18] and continued with the development of memory boards for other computer types. In the mid-1980s the company expanded beyond memory to other computer data storage types and networked storage platforms. EMC began shipping its flagship product, the Symmetrix, in 1990. Symmetrix was the main reason for EMC's rapid growth in the 1990s, both in size and value, from a company valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars to a multi-billion company.[19]
Michael Ruettgers joined EMC in 1988 and served as CEO from 1992 until January 2001.[20] Under Ruettgers’ leadership, EMC revenues grew from $120 million to nearly $9 billion 10 years later, and the company shifted its focus from memory boards to storage systems.[21] Ruettgers was named one of BusinessWeek’s "World's Top 25 Executives;" one of the "Best Chief Executive Officers in America" by Worth Magazine; and one of Network World’s "25 Most Powerful People in Networking."[21]
In 2001, Joe Tucci was named Chief Executive Officer of EMC.[22] He has been credited with transforming EMC’s business model from a focus on high-end storage platforms to a portfolio of platforms, software, and services that enable organizations to deliver IT as a service through cloud computing.[22] Under Tucci’s leadership, EMC grew to $21.7 billion in revenues in 2012.[23]
In 2009, EMC and Cisco, with investments from VMware and Intel, formed a joint venture called VCE to develop products and services for the converged infrastructure and cloud computing markets.[24]
EMC announced its 450,000 square foot Center of Excellence (COE) in Durham, North Carolina in 2011.[25] The COE houses a virtualized data center and includes 130,000 square feet of global research and development labs. The company also has COEs in India, China, Egypt, Israel, Ireland, and Russia, which perform engineering, research and development, customer, and translation services for EMC business units.[25]

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