Thursday, September 8, 2016

EMC NetWorker backup logs files paths and details for Windows


Today here I would like to provide details of the log files available on a Windows Networker server and log
file management.

Windows Networker Server Log Files:-

Windows NMC Server Log files:

Windows Networker client Log Files:-

There is two types of logs files:

*.log >> It is plan text file and human readable
*.raw>> It is not human readable format

You can view manually raw files with help of nsr_render_log Networker command.
You can also set it in runtime with help of nsradmin and "update runtime rendered log" Networker configuration commands.

The nsr_render_log send the output result to stdout

You can also rollover the files by time and size with help of below commands:

update runtime rollover by time
update runtime rollover by size


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