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Networker Command mminfo output details meaning

mminfo output and Meaning of saveset flags:

The save set ssflags summary are as follows: CvrENiRPKIFk

C = Continued
v = valid
r = purged (recoverable)
E = Eligible for recycling
N = NDMP generated
i = incomplete
R = Raw (not for savesets backed up using rawasm)
P = snapshot
K = cover
I = In-progress
F = Finished (ended)
k = checkpoint restart enabled

The save set sumflags field summary are as follows:

The first flag in the sumflags field shows which part of the saveset resides on the specified tape. The possible values are:

c = Complete (the entire saveset resides on this tape volume)
h = Head (the head, or start of the saveset resides on this tape volume)
m = Middle (the middle of the saveset resides on this tape volume)
t = Tail (the end of the saveset resides on this volume)

The second flag byte shows the status of the saveset. We will not be using this flag in our cloning script, the possible values for this flag byte are:

b = Browsable
r = Recoverable
a = Saveset was aborted
I = Saveset is still in progress
E = Eligible for recycling
S = Saveset was scanned in
i = Incomplete saveset

The clone's clflags summary are as follows: aios

a = aborted
i = incomplete
o = opaque (NDMP clone of regular NetWorker savesets)
s = suspect (read error)
The volume's volflags summary are as follows: dr
d = dirty (in use)
r = scan and read-only

NDMP and NDMP-DSA flags:

         c Complete
         b Browsable
         N NDMP generated

        c Complete
        b Browsable
        N NDMP generated
        s NDMP-DSA

Query the media database to determine which save sets are NDMP save sets and the status of an NDMP save set in the media database. NDMP save set status information is
important when performing NDMP recoveries.

  • To perform a browseable NDMP recover, the ssflags (fl) field for an NDMP save set must contain a (b). The b value denotes a brows able save set.

  • To perform a save set recover from the NetWorker User program, the ssflags (fl) field for an NDMP save set must contain either (r) or (b).

  • An NDMP save set contains an N attribute in the ssflags (fl) field.

  • An NDMP-DSA save set contains an s attribute in the ssflags (fl) field.

In the following example, the NDMP save set status is recoverable (r). To recover the data, you can only perform a save set recovery from a command line.


In the following example, the NDMP-DSA save set status is brows able (b). Recover the data by using the NetWorker User program, or from the command line. A browseable NDMP-DSA save set supports brows able and save set recoveries.


The volume's state summary are as follows: EMXA

E = Eligible for recycling
M = Manually-recyclable
X = Both
A = Archive or migration volumes. 

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