Thursday, November 5, 2015

EMC Networker Recovery Command Line

·         Run  the below commands from backup server where client resides.

recover -c "source client name" -R "destination client name" -iR

y - overwrite the file, continue to prompt if more duplicates are found
Y - overwrite the file, do not continue to prompt
n - do not overwrite, continue to prompt
N - do not overwrite the file, do not continue to prompt
r - rename recovered file, continue to prompt
R - rename recovered file, do not continue to prompt

·         If your source and destination is same e.g

recover -c -R -iR

·         If your source and destination diffrent e.g source :, Destination: ( but here you should check server file entry as well as remote host entry)

recover -c -R -iR

·         then go to required save set path with cd command (e.g c:\data\vd\path1)

recover -c -R -iR

·         you will get the prompt

recover>cd c
recover>cd data
recover>cd vd
recover>cd path1

·         you can directly go to actual path cd "c:\data\vd\path1"

check the version if you want to browse the old version.


·         select version which you want. (e.g 08/30/2015)

recover>changetime 08/30/2015

·         select which file you want to restore or if you restore all files.

recover> add *

·         if you want to restore on original location run command recover

recover> recover

·         if you wan to restore other location

recover> relocate
6479:recover: <return> will recover files into their original location
New destination directory:c:\data\vd\restored

recover> recover

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