Friday, November 8, 2013

Five Reasons to Choose EMC Backup for VMware

As much as VMware has been instrumental in the course of data protection over the past few years, all signs indicate we haven’t seen anything yet.
While backup and recovery performance will continue to be important, integration, application support, management and architectural flexibility will become the new measuring sticks for data protection in the software-defined data center and cloud.
So, it’s important to ask vendors about these metrics now. Get them to share specific proof points of how their solutions are translating into IT and business benefits, and then compare.
To help you get started, below are five reasons to choose EMC Backup for VMware. (Oh, and if you’re a visual person, check out this infographic; the data points paint a compelling story.)
  1. Accelerated backup and recovery: EMC doesn’t just promise faster backup and recovery, we deliver it. Our software Data Protection Suite and Purpose-Built Backup Appliances (PBBAs) are proven to reduce VMware backup by 90%, speed recoveries by 30x, as well as provide VM Instant Access. Also, because our solutions identify unique changed blocks, we move less data, which reduces resource contention and network traffic. DR is faster and more efficient.
  2. Accelerated savings: We understand the importance of integrating with VMware, and we do it better than anyone else. Not only do we integrate with VMware vCenter and VMware vStorage API for Data Protection, but we’re also the only vendor to support VMware Changed Block Tracking for both backup and restore. Plus, because we integrate with vSphere Web Client, we’re able to give VMware admins better visibility and control for deduplicated backup and recovery. You can expect to reduce storage requirements by 10-30x and administration time by 80%, netting a 7-month average return on investment. That’s savings your business will love.
  3. Accelerated transformation: No vendor can help your organization accelerate IT transformation faster than we can. Our Protection Storage Architecture provides a flexible foundation for years to come. Our PBBAs provide cost-optimized, consolidated storage for backup and archive data; our Data Protection Suite simplifies management and provides a clear, easy pathway for delivering data protection services; and integration with VMware and leading business-critical applications from Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and IBM. Plus, we can help you optimize your converged infrastructure—whether it’s VCE Vblock or EMC VSPEX—so you’ll see more benefits sooner.
  4. Market leadership: We are the largest backup company in the world, #1 in backup and storage for VMware and leaders in IT transformation. This gives us a distinct advantage in the market in terms of solution development and solution delivery. In fact, VMware’s vSphere Data Protection (VDP) is powered by EMC Avamar.
  5. Proven services: With hundreds of backup and recovery specialists and thousands of VMware-trained engineers across the globe and an extensive partner network, we have the expertise to optimize your environment. We’ll guide you every step of the way.

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