Thursday, January 9, 2014

Move the NetWorker Management Console database to new server.

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I faced my NMC server is outof space and found the lgto_gstdb database oversized. I installed NMC on new server as well as moved the database to new server as below.
The procedure to move a NetWorker Management Console database to a new server is as follows:

  • Install NetWorker Management Console on the newserver.
  • When installing, choose new database to createa default database and update configuration files.
  • If the NetWorker Management Console server is running, stop it.
  • Delete the files in the lgto_gstdb directory.
  • From the old server, move the lgto_gst.db and lgto_gst.log file to the lgto_gstdb directory of the newserver.
  • Restart the NetWorker Management Console server.
  • Backup the NMC database

After that update the License, peer information.

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