Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Run time limits within NetWorker

NetWorker 7.6.0 and later versions have introduced a new feature called run time limits.

There are two settings shown below.

Soft runtime limit:-
This stops any clients queued in a group from starting if the time limit has been exceeded. i.e. Group starts at 11pm with 50 clients belonging to this group. The soft runtime limit is set at 300 (minutes), any clients savesets that had not started by 04:00am will be terminated.Customers may choose to utilise these features to insure production performance is not impacted by the backup.

Hard runtime limit:-
This kills all client backups within a running group, this includes index backups for these clients. i.e. Group Starts at 11pm with 50 clients belong to this group. The hard runtime limit is set to 540 (minutes), any client savesets running will be terminated at 08:00am.
Customers may have a requirement to get the media ready for shipment offsite at a certain time of the day.

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