Sunday, December 8, 2013


I would like to show how to test clone restore.

First select the which data backup you want to restore.

recover -c "Source host name" -R "Destination host name" -iR

check version of all save set. i.e you select the C:\ drive save set.(12/04/2013)

Note the C:\ drive backup date from version command.

add the files and check volume. It will show the local AFTD volume.

Note the volume name

Then check clone data with mminfo command

go to >>>> backup server NMC >>>Media >>>>Disk Volume >>> select the noted volume name.

Right click and select show save set.

Select that particular C:\ drive save set and change it mode to normal to Suspect.

Then run again recover command same as above.

check version again

Your selected C:\ drive version Showing different AFTD and it will cloned AFTD for (12/04/2013).

change time

add that particular files.

check volumes and you will get different AFTD volumes.

then try to restore data from clone AFTD

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