Sunday, December 1, 2013

Tech Tip : NMC view save

Often we face trouble while setting the layout, positions and sizes of sub-windows inside a particular window in NetWorker Management Console (NMC) as, sometimes, they tend to revert back to the default layout the next time that particular window is opened. Following is a quick tip to help save your view settings so that you don’t need to change it as per your preference each time you open an NMC window:

1. Open only one instance of NMC and then open the window you wish to set your layout on.
2. Arrange the sub-windows inside it as you prefer. The below is a sample screenshot which shows the positions and sizes of the Groups, Alerts and Sessions sub-windows.
3. Often, after the layout is set, merely closing the window using the X button on the top right corner 
    of the window saves the view settings. In case it doesn’t, set the layouts again and close the 
    window by double-clicking on the program icon on the top left corner of the window’s title bar.

4. Try opening the same or any similar window again, you will see that your view settings have been 

5. This trick is also applicable while saving the layout of NetWorker’s console window.

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