Tuesday, May 30, 2017

How to configure the Avamar Event notifications

Today we are go through with how to configure Avamar alert Notification :-

A.      Log into the Avamar Server using the Avamar Administrator.

B.      In the toolbar of the Avamar Administrator, select Tools -> Manage Profiles.  A new window "Manage All Profiles" will open.

C.      Click the New button in the top left corner of the Manage All Profiles window to bring up the New Profile window.

 Or you can select any preconfigured profile and copy it

D.      Enter a Profile Name.

Example: Avamar Alert Notifications

E.       Ensure the Profile checkboxes for 'Enabled' and 'Email Enabled' are both checked.

F.       Ensure that the option  Send data as events occur  is selected.

G.      Uncheck the enabled check boxes for "Syslog Notification" and "SNMP Trap Notification."

H.      Click Next to go to Event Codes window.

I.         Click the Clear button to remove all default codes.

J.        Select the codes which an notifications should be received for a given event.

K.         Click Next.

L.       Ensure that both the  Attach Server status in email (XML)  and  Attach Server log(s) in mail  check boxes are not checked.

M.    Click Next to go to the Email Notification window.

N.      Update the Email Subject Header to reflect the purpose of the email. eg  Avamar Notifications. 

O.      In the  Enter Recipient:  text box, enter the email address to send the email notifications to (eg. avma.test@test.com) and click the + button.  If required, multiple email addresses may be entered.

P.       Click Finish.

Q.     Select the new Profile and review the settings to ensure they are correct.

R.      Monitor email to ensure receipt of selected events.

Note:- For more info please go through Avamar admin guide as well as EMC website.


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