Tuesday, February 28, 2017

NDMP FH - File History space and memory requirements

While an NDMP backup, the NDMP Data Server (NAS server) sends the file history CatLog or metadata information to the NetWorker server. FH metadata which is received from the NAS does not verify or modify by NetWorker software.

The NetWorker uses the FH information to maintain proper indexes and media database entries for the NDMP client backups.

Instead of virtual memory, the binaries nsrndmp_2fh and nsrdmpix are interact with the raw database. As a result, memory requirements for this process are nominal.

The NetWorker server stores metadata updates in the \nsr\tmp directory and commits the metadata to the client file index after the NDMP client backup completes.

Use the following formula to determine the required physical space for the default \nsr\tmp directory:

2 * (144 + average file name length) * number of entries in the file system

Please Note below thing: -

This formula must be used for non-multi-streaming only.

For example:

For one million file entries with an average file name length of 128, use this formula to
compute the required temporary swap space:

2 * (144 + 128) * 1,000,000 = 544 MB approximately

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