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How to Delete VBA Node in Networker

How to Delete VBA Node in Networker

Networker Ver: 8 to 9

If you want to remove VBA node entirely and delete it's backups from Networker server. The VBA node is online and responding to request from Networker server. Before Doing anything please consult with EMC Support for Assistance because VBA Node delete/remove is not recommended by EMC as a troubleshooting step.

Before starting any critical configuration you should take first backup of nsrdb and mm directories (Particular directory which related with that configuration)

Connect to Networker backup server and open the following directory


·         Unix: /nsr/ 
·         Windows C:\Program Files\EMC NetWorker)

Make a copy of the following directories:


After successfully copied mentioned directories you can start your actual configuration.

Remove all save sets for the client-id for this VBA node

List the Saveset:

mminfo  –c  <vba-name>  -kot

Remove Saveset:

nsrmm -d -S <SSID>

If the VBA is NOT online, then use the -X option to delete the Save set:

nsrmm -X -d -S <SSID>

Remove all workflows associated with the VBA and Delete VBA Mtree

Using GUI (NMC):

1. Login to NMC

2. Go to Configuration tab and click VMware Protection Policies

3. Sort the policies by VBA List

4. Open the first policy that has this VBA listed, go to VMware Backup Appliance Selection      tab and uncheck the VBA name.

5. Wait for the State column to change to Success

Using CLI (nsradmin):

nsradmin> p type: nsr hypervisor; name: <vcenter-name>
nsradmin> Delete

Remove VBA server resource using nsradmin

 d type: NSR VBA Server; name: <vba>

Note: This step may need to be done using offline nsradmin if VBA is NOT responding

Delete the VBA Appliance Delete the relevant VBA node VM from the vCenter server

On the NetWorker server, run nsradmin command utility to find the VBA DPN ID:

nsradmin> show name

nsradmin> show DPN ID

nsradmin> p type: nsr vba server; name: VBA-FQDN

To delete the storage unit on Data Domain:

Login to Data Domain as Admin and run command,

ddboost storage-unit delete <storage-unit>

Clean file system if required using command, filesys clean start

If the External proxy is no longer needed delete the external proxy virtual machine

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