Sunday, February 7, 2016


Friends I would like to share that I am elected as EMC Elect 2016 with another 70 experts from 150 finalists.

Below is the link for your reference to see the list of elected candidates

This is a very funny incident with me about EMC elect. When I started working on EMC product and I heard from someone that there is one kind of election EMCElect. I was very surprised because I thought EMC is also conducting election like politicians  but after reading about EMC Elect I got to know that this is an honor for EMC expertise.

So that time I was very excited to grab much information about EMC Elect. I always share my knowledge regularly on EMC Community Network, sharing on Twitter too. I also started sharing my technical tips through blogs and on EMC community forum for knowledge sharing.

I was shortlisted For EMC ELECT 2013 but was not selected, and I took it as a challenge and I said to myself that next time I will take more efforts and again participate in 2014 and finally I got first EMC honor in 2014 and again in 2016.

I would like to thanks all who voted me and fulfil to complete this program.

This is unique initiative by EMC and I am really enjoying to participate year again year.

Special thanks to Mark Browne ‏@DathBrun and all known unknown people who were involved in this activity.