Monday, January 4, 2016

How to BACK UP the NetWorker Management Console (NMC)

How to BACK UP the NetWorker Management Console (NMC):

We can backup NMC through command line as well as GUI method.

First we will see the command line method:

Open the command line interface and run the command “savepsm” which will backup the NMC database. The normal Networker “save” command cannot back up NMC database successfully if it is open during backup hence it is always better to use "Savepsm" command.

Now we will see using GUI method:

Login to NMC console


Click the SETUP button on the toolbar

Select “Set Database Backup Server”

 Mention the NetWorker server name that you want to back up the NMC database.
Check "Create client resource on this server".

Set Client name to the hostname of the machine that has the NMC database.
Click OK.

After successfully configuration connect to the NetWorker server. When you look at the list of clients, you will get there a new client.

You will also see that client configuration saveset name starting with "NMCASA:/gst_on_NMC-Server-name/lgto_gst" with Backup Command attribute: savepsm (for a Windows Console server) or a UNIX Console server).

You should verify the backup which you configured after successful first backup with mminfo command.

On Windows: mminfo -avot -s (NetWorker server) | find /i "gst"

On UNIX: mminfo -avot -s (NetWorker server) | grep -i gst

This are the method you can use to backup your NMC database.

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